Parking Tickets

Parking Ticket Payments:


  • Payments are due immediately upon receipt of citation. To make a payment online visit
  • Payments can be mailed or made in person at the Town of Dewey Beach 105 Rodney Avenue, Dewey Beach, DE 19971



Parking Ticket Appeals:

  • Individuals who wish to appeal a citation must do so within seven (7) business days of date of issuance, or the right to appeal is forfeited. Appeals may be submitted in one of two ways: either online by visiting and completing an online appeal form, or by appearing in person at the Alderman court 36: 105 Rodney Avenue, Dewey Beach, DE 19971.



  • Vehicles may be towed or booted at the owners expense for illegal parking and/or outstanding citation balances.


If you have any questions please call Dewey Beach Parking and Code Enforcement: 302-227-6170

                                                                                                                  or: 302-227-6362


For information regarding Alderman Court 36, please click HERE.