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Budget and Finance Committee



Chair: Dave Davis Contact Me.
Commissioner Liaison: Commissioner Persinger Contact Me.


Purpose/ Focus: To assist the Commissioners and the Town Manager in areas of Town budget and finance planning and oversight, coordinating with related committees and Town finance staff.


Objectives: Work with the Town Manager and department heads to develop and recommend a fiscal year budget for  Town operations to the Commissioners  in accordance with time requirements in Section 22 of the Town Charter. Regularly monitor performance versus budget and provide early warnings of potential Town budget concerns to Council.

Develop a strategic 10-year finance plan along the guidelines presented in the 2018 Comprehensive Development Plan, with a draft long-term finance plan to the Town Commissioners by October 3, 2018. This effort will require B&F to work with the Commissioners, Town Manager, department heads and other Committee Chairs to identify and prioritize Town operational and capital needs.