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Charter and Code Review Ad Hoc Committee

Chair: David King Contact Me.
Julie Johnson Contact Me.
Marcia Schieck Contact Me.
Jimmy O'Conor Contact Me.
Elaine Bole Contact Me.
David Jasinski Contact Me.
Jim Dedes (Ad Hoc) Contact Me.
Commissioner Liaison: Commissioner Persinger Contact Me.


Focus: Develop recommendations for updating, clarifying, and otherwise improving both the Town Charter and the Code to enhance their interpretation, application, and relevance to current and future Town Operations and services.

Objectives: Identify sections of the Charter and the Code that are out-of-date, contradictory, or require a fresh assessment to ensure that interpretation and application of the provisions of the Chart and Code are clear and consistent. The Committee shall prioritize its recommendations reflecting both the importance to the Town of the issues to be addressed as well as the relative complexity of the State legislative process necessary to amend the Charter vs Council's authority to make changes to the Code. For each recommendation, the Council will determine the need for further development or assignment to a different committee or commission as appropriate.