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Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the most important opportunity for citizens to provide a blueprint to the State regarding the vision of the town's future regarding:   coordination of municipal growth, development and infrastructure investment actions, redevelopment potential, community character, zoning, population and housing growth, infrastructure issues, safety issues, use of public space and land, drainage, sea level rise, use and management of fiscal resources, transportation, economic development, affordable housing, community facilities, open spaces and recreation, protection of sensitive areas, community design, fair share of taxes, and any other issues related to your quality of  life and the future of the town.  

We are still looking for volunteers to help in getting input from property owners and developing the plan. The Town of Dewey Beach next Comprehensive of Plan is due to the State in 2017.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Comprehensive Plan was revised by Ordinance 704 passed on April 6, 2013 and Ordinance 714 on January 24, 2015.  These changes have not yet been incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan document.  In order to have a current view of the Comprehensive Plan, you MUST download Ordinance 704 and Ordinance 714.

To view the Dewey Beach Comprehensive Plan adopted June 2007, please click here

Commissioner Liasion for the the Comprehensive Development Plan Committee: Commissioner Cooke and Commissioner Dunmyer