Freedom Of Information Act Requests


FOIA request form and info.


1. Any citizen of Delaware may have access to public records for purposes of inspection and copying pursuant to the terms of these regulations and pursuant to Delaware's Freedom of Information Act (29 Del. f. Chapter 100).
2. Inspection and copying of public records may take place only during the regular business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
3. Requests shall be in writing on the appropriate form.
4. The Town reserves the right to refuse access to any records which do not constitute "public records" under 29 Del. f. S 10002.
5. Public records which are in active use or in storage will be provided as promptly as possible.
6. At no time shall public records be removed from the Town Hall.
7. Persons requesting copies of public records shall pay the following
(a) No cost for the first 20 copies. $0.25 for each additional standard sized, black and white copy.
(b) Fees for the copying of tapes, photographs, or any other public record not subject to photocopying shall be the actual cost of reproduction. Specific arrangements must be worked out with the Town Manager.
The form for submission of a request is available for download; click FOIA Form. Please mail the form to: 105 Rodney Ave. Dewey Beach, DE 19971 or Fax to: 302-227-8319



 Click HERE FOR ONLINE FORM to request information from the town under provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.


Statement from John Flaherty, President of DelCOG (Delaware Coalition for Open Government)

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