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Infrastructure Committee

Committee Procedures and Responsibilities

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Chair: Jim Tyler Contact Me
Paul Handler Contact Me
Marlene Tarr Contact Me
Marty Seitz Contact Me.
Diane Hanson Contact Me.
Commissioner Liaison: Dale H. Cooke Contact Me.

Focus: Referring to the Priorities and Action Plan of November 11, 2015 the committee will continue to focus on those items under number 10. Town Infrastructure as follows:

1. Lighting of secondary streets will be studied. A 2012 Lighting Survey of Secondary Streets by Delmarva Power and manufacturer Holophane Lighting will be revisited.

2. Drainage within the town especially on the bay side streets is a significant town problem. The committee will work to recommend to the town commissioners ways to mitigate the flooding caused by high tides in the bay at Read Avenue, McKinley Avenue, Hayden, Dover and Buena Roads and Dagsworthy Avenue as primary concerns.

The committee will work with the Center for Inland Bays (CIB) as required by the Town of Dewey Beach Phase II Planning Grant to prioritize Best Management Practices submitted by CIB.

3. Will continue to work toward ADA compliant sidewalks.

4. Traffic calming needs (speed bumps) within the town will be investigated.

5. Any attention to security cameras will necessitate outside expertise.

Plus develop a recommendation for the town to budget for regular infrastructure maintenance.