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Marketing Committee

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The goal of the Marketing Committee is to promote an image of Dewey Beach as a vibrant, fun, year-round beach resort community that is an ideal place to live and an attractive vacation and event destination for families and singles. Dewey has cottages and condos, single family homes and businesses, each bringing a unique value to the town. The Marketing Committee will evaluate projects, events and initiatives according to the following criteria:

  • Do they promote a healthy image for the town?
  • Do they benefit the majority of the town’s residents and visitors?
  • Do they build the property values (residential and commercial) of the town?
  • Do they attract visitors to Dewey who will enjoy our Town but will also respect Town rules and resources?
  • Do the events/initiatives add more to the town than they require in town services?


  1. Promote Dewey Beach in a positive way to attract to attract greater tourism to the community.
  2. Collaborate with other key civic organizations (Chamber of Commerce, Civic League) to raise awareness of Dewey as an attractive vacation destination.
  3. Work with Town Council to ensure appropriate ordinances and infrastructure is in place to manage key events in a safe manner, thereby securing Dewey’s reputation as an attractive vacation destination.
  4. Educate the public about the importance of tourism to the Town.
  5. Educate the public and Town visitors about Dewey’s laws to preserve Dewey’s quality of life and insure mutual respect.

Key Strategies

  1. Collaborate with The Dewey Chamber of Commerce and The Civic League to develop a consolidated and centralized calendar of events that is attractive to families, young couples, singles and “empty nesters”.
  2. Develop a regional communications and marketing plan (Baltimore, Washington DC, Delaware, and Southeast Pennsylvania) to raise awareness of Dewey as a vacation destination and educate key stakeholders about the importance of tourism to Dewey as well as about Dewey’s laws to insure mutual respect. The plan will also provide event-specific communications in order to support key annual events (specific events TBD).Plan tactics will include both traditional and digital media and could include: press releases, community newsletters, visitor/welcome packages distributed to local rental/real estate agencies, media events to showcase the Town to key travel and tourism journalists.  Digital efforts could include a Facebook Page as well as announcements via Twitter.
  3. Review and recommend necessary changes to current Town Ordinances regarding trash, noise and public intoxication. Work with Town Council to insure sufficient resources are in place during the season to support the Town’s Calendar of Events.
  4. Continue beautification and landscaping efforts.