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Marketing and Event Communications Committee

Committee Procedures and Responsibilities

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Chair: Drew Martin Contact Me.
Ellen Blocher Contact Me.
Alex Hannah Contact Me.
Gil Hofheimer Contact Me.
Melissa Riesco  
Peter Briccotto  
Luisa Martinez  
Kelly Raneiri Contact Me.
Janine Stevens Contact Me.
Commissioner Liaison: Commissioner Bauer Contact Me.

Focus: This committee will continue its work on promotional materials for the town such as promoting beach access mats and light pole flags. The committee will also develop recommendations regarding the Town’s online and social media presence to improve the town’s communications and the role of the Town Manager or other Town staff in maintaining this presence.


  1. This committee will assist the Town Manager with recommendations for creating, enhancing and maintaining a social media presence that is approved by the commissioners and administered under the town manager. The committee will suggest ideas that can assist in the social media marketing of the town to the commissioners


  1. The committee and Town should keep an open and ongoing communication with groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and private business partnerships to identify ideas for family-friendly town events that may benefit the town. The committee will keep the Commissioners updated with events and outside potential partners