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Permits, Licenses, Forms, Fees


To view Business and Rental License fees please click here. You must obtain a dog license in person and provide the month and year of the last rabies vaccination. A 3 day dog license costs $5.00, an 8 day dog license costs $10.00, and a lifetime dog license costs $35.00. Daily, Weekly and Weekend parking permits can be obtained from the kiosk located in front of Dewey Beach Town Hall (105 Rodney Avenue) 24 hours a day. A daily permit Monday thru Wednesday costs $10.00 per day. A daily parking permit Thursday thru Sunday costs $15.00 per day. A weekend parking permit valid Friday thru Sunday costs $35.00. A weekly parking permit valid for 1 week from the day of purchase costs $55.00. Seasonal parking permits cost $200.00 and are valid May 15th to September 15th (the full parking permit Season). Dewey Beach property owners who have paid their beach replenishment tax are able to purchase up to 2 seasonal parking permits at a rate of $150.00 each.

Online payments are not currently accepted at this time. Please submit payment by mail, in person, or call by phone to Dewey Beach Town Hall.