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Priorities (11/30/2015)




Priorities and Action Plan  


  1. Definitions Town Manager
  1. Definitions handed out to the commissioners at the Nov. 13th workshop
  2. Definitions posted on the town website
  3. Commissioners asked to provide Marc feedback by 11/30
  4. Copies of definitions sent to David King, David Jasinski, Beth Caruso and Mike P
  5. Will discuss at the Town Manager workshop 12/5
  6. Plan to present “final draft” at the December Town Council meeting
  7. If we are ready, vote at the January Town Council meeting
  8. Look at Ordinance #718 
  9. Public Hearing


  1. Sea Level Rise regarding height Town Manager
  1. Ordinance #718 handed out at the commissioner Nov. 13th workshop
  2. Ordinance #718 posted on the town website
  3. Commissioners asked to provide Marc feedback by 11/30
  4. Will discuss at the Town Manager workshop 12/5
  5. Will need to amend referendum language (lines 175-176)
  6. Marc to meet with Courtney to discuss
  7. Plan to present “final draft” at the December Town Council Meeting
  8. If we are ready, vote at the January Town Council meeting
  9. If the commissioners should decide that a referendum is the desired path, we will need to amend Ordinance #178 and put a referendum time line together
  1. Public Hearing


  1. Comprehensive Development Plan Commissioners, Comp Plan Chair
  1. Commissioners have scheduled a public meeting 11/24 to create Comprehensive Plan as a standing committee and  to appoint chair person
  2. Define the role of “Commissioner Liaison” to Comp Plan
  3. Define state required time lines
  4. Define what needs to be included
  5. Define and memorialize the role of Town Planner
  6. Define Administrative staff support
  7. Gather the group
  8. Review our neighboring communities' efforts
  9. interim “sign-offs”
  10. Items other than zoning to be included
  11. Establish budget
  12. Lay out meeting schedule



  1. Trash and Recycling Commissioners; Town Manager after RFP is approved  
  1. Review current codes
  2. Look at trash and recycling
  3. Determine which different groups  are involved at November town  meeting
  1. Year round owner occupants
  2. Non residential rentals (second homes
  3. Seasonal rentals
  4. Year round rentals
  5. Multifamily units
  6. Commercial
  1. Get an RFP out in November or early December
  2. Approve contract for winning bid during the January-February meeting cycle
  3. Determine what if any code changes are needed
  4. Define process to communicate to the public


  1. Town Manager and Police Chief contracts, Dale and Marc with Noel
  1. Police Chief contract executed 11/14
  2. Dale to work on Town Manager contract


  1. Review of Residential Rental License,  Town Manager
  1. Current License passed out at the 11/13 workshop
  2. Consider;
  1. Trash obligation
  2. Rates may be effected by trash initiative
  3. “Watch list”
  4. Occupancy
  5. Consider amending renewal dates 
  1. Receive feedback
  2. Update at December Town Commissioners meeting
  3. Present finished product at January Town Commissioners meeting
  4. Vote at January-February Town Commissioners meeting
  5. Will need to address inspections, affidavits, certifications
  6. Will need to set up trash component
  7. Discuss with real estate agents
  8. Keep log to track disorderly houses
  9. Ability for the public to look up a house to see if a property has a valid license






  1. Hiring a Human Resource Director Town Manager
  1. Job Description; (passed out at the Nov. 13th workshop)
  1. Administer to all staff to include police and lifeguards
  2. Will make sure there are accurate and up to date job descriptions for everyone
  3. Create organizational chart
  4. Establish protocol regarding evaluations
  5. Review pay scales
  6. Address and be involved in any disputes involving personnel
  7. Interface with town attorneys as warranted
  8. Help with Employee contracts when needed
  9. Keep up with labor laws regarding employees and 1099 staff
  10. Help with seasonal employee hiring
  11. Help to administer and maintain employee benefits
  12. Maintain employee files
  13. Bring employee manuals up to date
  1. Hire person by Jan 1
  2. Will review outsourcing, employee, or 1099 employee
  3. Will take out ad for position
  4. Will bring to Commissioners applicant prior to hiring. Included will be a job description and compensation
  5. H.R. person to report to Town Manager



  1. Review of Business Licenses Town Manager
  1. Create a one day license, ability for Bill to issue on site
  2. Set up link on website that will indentify who has a license (advertising component?)
  3. Workshop 12/5 with Taxi, Pedicab, Limos, Uber, Jolly trolley etc to discuss playing field
  4. Review of fee structure
  5. Look for an ability to send out bills
  6. Update at December Town Commissioners meeting
  7. Present finished product and vote at January Town Commissioners meeting








  1. Building Permits Town Manager
  1. Items to consider;
  1. Determine when and if to outsource
  2. Clearly define when a building permit is required
  3. Define if and when a survey is required
  4. Better define the state and county role
  5. Define when a certificate of occupancy will be required
  6. Outside to include, trees, driveway entrances,
  7. Sea level rise  component
  8. Commissioners to review 185-82 filing fees
  1. Discuss at January Town Commissioners meeting
  2. Review at February Town Commissioners meeting
  3. Vote at March Town Commissioners meeting
  4. Automate process
  5. Mechanism to  allow citizens to look on line to see if property has a valid building permit



  1. Town Infrastructure Commissioner Mauler
  1. Commissioner Mauler to create a Standing Committee
  2. Committee to review
    1. Lighting
    2. Security cameras
    3. Drainage
    4. Speed bumps
    5. Sidewalks to be ADA compliant
  3. Any staff involvement and or participation to go through Town Manager



  1. Conditional Use Process Town Manager
  1. Items to consider;
  1. Application review
  2. How to forward when application is made
  3. If code compliance is clear, town manager to forward to P and Z as well as the Commissioners
  4. If code compliance is not clear, refer to commissioners
  5. Commissioners to review section 185-82 Filing fees
  6. Consider adopting a one year review
  1. Post online
  2. Receive feedback
  3. Update at December Town Commissioners meeting
  4. Present finished product at January-February Town Commissioners meeting
  5. Vote at February-March Town Commissioners meeting




  1. F.A.R. in the N.R. district Town Manager and P&Z
  1. Define F.A.R. currently in place
  2.  Marc to meet with Courtney 11/17
  3. Review neighboring towns
  4. Discuss at January (post definitions) Town Commissioners meeting
  5. Review at February Town Commissioners meeting
  6. Consider a vote at March Town Commissioners meeting
  7. Items to consider; dedicated workshop, follow up mailer, P and Z review, Comp Plan, effective date
  8. Marc to ask Planning and Zoning to review
  9. Consider interim step and the having the matter reviewed by the Comp Plan group



  1. Town Space Town Manager
  1. Obtain survey of current Town Hall, acquired building and Grotto parking
  2. Utilize the services of Town Planner Chris Fazio
  3. Discuss at a Town Manager workshop Dec. 5th
  4. Solicit the public on what should the space be used for
  5. Take a careful look at holding cells
  6. Create time line
  7. Consider current utilization of acquired space, consider lease and or demolition  



  1. Committees/Boards Commissioners  
  1. Currently there are four standing committees
    1. Marketing
    2. Audit
    3. Investment
    4. Comprehensive Development
  2. Commissioners to review each committees goals-objectives
  3. Commissioners will be seeking regularly scheduled status reports
  4. Town manager has recommended a “Commissioner Liaison “ for each standing committee
  5. Town Manager and Town Foia coordinator to schedule a Foia seminar  for all Committee and Board chairs (members and public invited), December 12th post T.C. meeting
  6. Consider a request to have each committee set up a (tentative) yearly schedule





  1. Town Meetings Commissioner Dunmyer
  1. How agendas are created and posted
  2. How are supporting documents created and posted
  3. How and when books are assembled, consider paperless
  4. Motions, resolutions and ordinances signed off on during the meetings
  5. Define how recordings and videos are preserved
  6. Discuss live streaming and logistics
  7. Each item should have a sponsor and time allocation
  8. How to create civility
  9. Delve into a Roberts Rules type structure
  10. Better define public participation




  1. Sign and Display Courtney and Gary
  1. Courtney and Gary to review recently adopted Sign and Display Ordinance. Nov-Dec
  2. Courtney and Gary to walk through town to determine what signs are not compliant Dec-Jan
  3. Recommend how to address signs and displays not in compliance to Marc by Feb 1st
  4. Building official and town manager to bring businesses to compliance per Gary and Courtney
  5. Building Official to review and approve all signs and displays going forward per the code
  6. Courtney and Gary to review with Jim and Bill as they go around town doing their review



  1. Parking, Driveway, Driveway Entrances and Public Right of Way Town Manager

As this item may be controversial within the community we are only studying the issue

  1. Review current code and policies
  2. Review grandfathering status
  3. Review driveway and driveway entrances
  4. Review signage  
  5. Review parking citations and its impact
  6. Marc to work internally to get more information on parking enforcement
  7. Marc to review towing and booting
  8. Marc to review signage
  9. Marc to schedule a workshop in March-April to begin a process
  10. Marc to discuss with Planning and Zoning and Comp Plan committee



  • Van Dyke parking, Marc,

RFP out, will look to award contract during the December January meeting cycle. We will look at getting state legislators involved to help fund


  • Investments, Mike and Courtney,

Mike and Courtney to review current policy, make recommendation to the commissioners at the December meeting. In the meantime, no major movement of funds will occur. Mike and Dale to review other town’s in conjunction with Auditors concern


  • Public Safety on Route One; Crosswalks, Bike Lanes, Sidewalks, Commissioners,

Diane has set up a meeting with the state for 12/17, Gary to incorporate some of this in his Town infrastructure committee


  • Fair Share, No Work In Progress (NWIP)
  • Quiet Enjoyment, NWIP
  • June Bugs, NWIP
  • Better define legal process, NWIP
  • Police Review,   Town Manager and Mayor,

Police Chief is on board with an independent review of the police department. Mayor to reach out to Gregg warren


  • Voter eligibility NWIP


  • More online functions , Marc,

              New software is coming in Dec 1, will be looking into automating billing


  • Bike lanes and crosswalks NWIP



  • New owner packets, Marc and Ashleigh,

Marc and Ashleigh are putting together a gift basket to be given when a property sells to a new owner (where a transfer tax occurs). Goal is to have basket ready by 12/20


  • Review Employee personal manual and benefits, Marc,

Will incorporate into H.R. position



  • Better utilization of the website as a means to keep citizens informed Marc,

We are looking to better utilize with new software. Consider developing a robust email list for Town Hall use

  • Defining Non-Conforming ABC licensed establishments conditions NWIP

Consider having planning and Zoning taking this on


  • Charter and Code review, focus on inconsistencies and “confusion” Commissioners?


  • Improving communications between the Commissioner and Town Manager

Perhaps this action plan will keep a better focus and keep us on the same if not similar page


  • Improving the tracking of parking tickets, Marc,

Thorough review of process


  • Towing and Booting of cars/trucks, Marc,

Thorough review of process