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Quality of Life Committee


                                       NO ACTIVE QUALITY OF LIFE COMMITTEE AT THIS TIME




• To improve the quality of life in Dewey Beach for residents, property owners, and law-abiding tourists 

• To change the image of Dewey Beach through implementation of new ideas for improvement and enforcement of existing laws and regulations, so that our town can keep a reputation of fun, but not of uncontrolled and disrespectful behavior


• Review existing laws and fines and work with police for increased enforcement and fines where applicable

• Review laws, ordinances and processes for neighboring Delaware beach communities

• Work closely with the Noise Committee for solutions to objectionable noise levels from all sources of disturbance

• Review all options for increased lighting on major and residential streets

• Invite public input and suggestions for improvement by hearings or direct contact

• Work with police considering the possibility of a Citizen’s Neighborhood Watch Program, especially in highly problematic areas

• Prepare written solutions and recommendations for Dewey Beach Commissioners to consider

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