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Town Manager Search Ad Hoc Committee



Chair: Karen Kruger  
Lanie Odlum  
Anna Legates  
Steve Montgomery Contact Me.
Dave Davis Contact Me.
Commissioner Liaison: Dale H. Cooke Contact Me.

Purpose/Focus: To research, discuss, develop and advise the Commissioners as to 

  1. With initial input from Commissioners, the committee will investigate possible salary range and qualifications for position and make a recommendation to the Commissioners
  2. The Committee will investigate all available companies and recommend 2 or 3 "headhunter" companies with knowledge specific to town manager type positions - Commissioners would then select a company with committee's recommendations in mind.
  3. Once the selected company has interviewed all possible candidates, they should forward 3 to 5 top candidates to the committee.
  4. In addition, the committee should collect and review resumes that are sent to the town.
  5. The committee should then interview and rank all recommended candidates and forward the top three (with rankings) to be interviewed and evaluated by the Commissioners.
  6. Commissioners would then make final decision on hiring of successful candidate.