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Town Vision 2015-2016





Town of Dewey Beach Vision


Dewey Beach is a happy, friendly town that offers opportunities for many different people to relax and have fun. It is a town where each citizen; permanent, seasonal or transient, respects the right of all other citizens to a peaceable and enjoyable time.


Everyone who comes to Dewey Beach is a part of building the best town possible, starting with the Commissioners, whose leadership and example sets the tone for civic engagement. We take pride in Dewey’s small town, seaside charm, and work to keep it clean, safe, and ever more beautiful. We strive to build a town with a clear, consistent strategy, easily understood laws and codes, and a town government with a customer-centric approach to conducting business. No matter how good we become at fulfilling this vision, we will always seek to improve.


Adopted on November 13, 2015 at the Monthly Dewey Beach Town Commissioners’ Meeting