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Useful Information


Some important things you should be aware of are pointed out in the following paragraphs, but cannot be considered a complete description of your responsibilities and privileges as a property owner here in Dewey Beach. For full and complete information, please review our town code and recently passed ordinances.

You are responsible for establishing your own trash pickupIf you rent out your property you must arrange for pickup at least twice per week. The trash receptacles located at each entrance to the beach are NOT to be used for resident trash; they are there for beach waste. Water is free, but please be conservative.

Parking in Dewey beach is at a premium during the summer months. As a property owner you are privileged to be able to buy parking permits at a reduced price; see Information Guide for details.

To make it clear to visitors or tenants you should clearly delineate the parking areas they may use, and the conditions thereunder. Parking on your property, within the zoning requirements, is generally permitted without a permit, but parking on the roadway must either be at a parking meter or with a permit.

Our beaches - that probably attracted you to Dewey Beach in the first place - suffer erosion during the inevitable storms, and we periodically replenish the beach with sand dredged from offshore. While the federal government is a major contributor to the required funding for this, property owners do their share by paying a beach replenishment tax to the town at a rate of $.40 per $100 of assessed value. Purchase of the reduced-rate seasonal parking permits is dependent on your having paid this tax.

If your property is adjacent to the beach, you should be aware that there are restrictions on what you can do with the sand in that area; you should check out the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Control (DNREC) Division of Soil and Water Conservation web site for details.

If you plan to do any remodeling or other construction on your site you should obtain a building permit and make sure that your contractor(s) have a current business license. Forms for businesses desiring to obain licenses are available: click here. Property owners should also be aware that there are restrictions on the destruction of trees.

That section also has a form you must fill out whether or not you plan to rent out all or part of your property. You will  use that form to either obtain a rental license or declare that you don't intend to rent to others. You will find that form: click here. If you do rent out property, be aware that there is an accommodation tax you should collect.

If your property is likely to be vacant for some time - such as over the winter - be sure to register with the police department; they have a program where they periodically check the places that are registered with them. Their phone number is 227-1110. You may complete the Winter Watch Form and fax or mail it in to the town hall.

You are very likely to be interested in the way in which our town is governed. Check out the section "Our Government" on this site for information on that subject. The privilege of voting for local offices in Dewey Beach is extended only to property owners, trustees.residents and those with property leases that extend for five or more years. For details see chapter 48 of the town code.