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Youth Recreation


Youth Recreation




The Dewey Beach Youth Recreation Program is intended to provide a facility, on the beach, that will meet the recreational needs of individuals ranging in age from early adolescents to teenage.  The program will be implemented, maintained, and managed by members of the Dewey Beach Patrol under the direction of the Patrol Captain.

The program will be offered on an evening basis beginning at 5:15 pm and ending at sunset (weather permitting).  The facility will be located on Dagsworthy Street and the Beach.  The starting date will be July 2nd and the program will continue through TBA.

The staff will provide the following for the participants:

  • Set-up and Break Down of all Equipment

  • Supervision of recreational area

  • Basic Skill Instruction (if needed or requested)

  • Officiating of any team activity

The following equipment and activities will be offered:

  • Early Adolescence - T-Ball, whiffle ball, rubber horseshoes, beanbag toss, ring toss, tether ball, and shuttlecock

  • Teenage - STX Lacrosse (Complete with goals and sticks, no contact), Rubber footballs, soccer (complete with goals), basketball, and volleyball