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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact Dewey Beach managers and volunteers ?

How do I tell a specific council or staff member something?

You can email him/her by clicking on the "email me" link next to their name on the Town Council and Staff page.

What if I want a comment sent to all council members?

Send an email to to the town manager (see the Town Council and Staff page.) and specificlly say you want them all to get a copy. The Town Manager will review your submission and determine if it warrants the full distribution, and either so distribute or inform you why it was rejected.

I want to let a committee know where I stand on a particular issue they are addressing - how do I do it?

 Find the committee in the committee list and click on the "contact me" link next to the chairman's name.

How do I arrange to have my written comments read into the record at a particular meeting and on a particular subject?

Read the instructions here, print and complete the form linked at the bottom and submit it before the start of the meeting. Alternatively, you may fill out and send the Comment Form on this web site at least three days in advance of the meeting.

What if I think of something I want to say while the meeting is in progress?

 At the end of each meeting there will be a public forum during which impromptu comments may be made on any pertinent subject.


Where can I find a place to stay in town?

 We suggest you look at the web site of the Rehoboth Beach - Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce 

Are there many restaurants in town?

 Yes, quite a few. The Chamber of Commerce site should give you a good idea, although there are many in town not listed. There are also carry-out places.  Given the width of the town - two blocks wide most of it's length - a place to eat is always withing walking distance.

Is there wifi in town?

 There is no town-wide wifi at this time, although several businesses have it installed, and many rental units are provided the service by the owners.


Is your beach clean?

Our beach was one of four beaches nation-wide to be awarded SUPERSTAR BEACH STATUS by the Natural Resurces Defense Council as announced in their press release of June 29, 2011.

Are there rest rooms on the beach?


Are pets allowed on the beach?

 Pets are allowed on the beach but only before 9:00 AM and after 5:00 PM during the summer. See Dogs for details.

Is alcohol allowed on the beach?

 There is no alcohol allowed on the beach during the summer season or on any public right of way.

Are you allowed to have a bonfire on the beach?

 Dewey Beach does allow bonfires on the beach. Beach Fire permits require a fee of $30 plus $40 cleanup fee deposit, which will be refundable after 1:00 p.m. the following day if no cleanup is required.  See Beach rules for details.

Can you have a wedding on the beach?

 Weddings are allowed on the beach but must be approved by the Town Manager. Call 302-227-6363.

Is the beach handicapped accessible?

 Handicapped beach chairs are available from the Dewey Beach lifeguards.

Can you buy food and drinks on the beach?

 You can buy hot dogs and soft drinks on the beach as well as Planet Ice.

Are beach chairs and umbrellas available on the beach?

 Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent on the beach during the hours of 9 to 5.


Does Dewey Beach require a dog license?

 Dewey Beach does require a dog license. The cost of the lifetime license is $35.00, 8-day license is $10, and a weekend license is $5. See Dogs for details.

Is there a veterinarian nearby?

 Yes, just a little ways north of town on the main highway. See the map at this page on our site (scroll down to the bottom). If you drag the map down a little you'll see the location of the vet.


I understand parking passes are required in Dewey Beach. Where and when can I buy them?

You can buy them by mail, and at the town hall at any time - 24/7. Look under "What visitors should know" on the main menu for details.

When do you need a parking pass?

 Parking restrictions are in effect generally May 15 through September 15, but there are some exceptions. Vehicles parked on the right-of-way between the hours 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. must either display a permit or be at an operating parking meter.

How much does a parking pass cost?

     SEASONAL -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   $200.00

      WEEKLY – Any seven (7) consecutive days --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    55.00

      1 DAY – For use on a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday -------------------------------------------------------------------------      10.00

      1 DAY – For use on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 15.00

      WEEKEND – For use one time use any consecutive Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ---------------------      35.00              

       Dewey Beach property owners who have paid their Beach Replenishment Tax may purchase up to

       two (2) Seasonal Permits prior to May 30, 2010 for $150.00 each.

       Parking Meters are in use at selected sites; a parking permit is not valid at these locations.

Business and Rental Licenses

How do I go about buying a business license?

 Business licenses may be obtained at the town hall during normal business hours. There is a form on this web site that you may fill out in advance and bring with you, or you may fill out one there when you arrive. The form includes a statement of the fees. You can print a copy here.

I want to rent my place out during the summer. What do I need to do?

 At the beginning of the year each property owner is mailed a form with which they may indicate they need a rental license or declare that they do not plan to rent out their place during the year. If you didn't receive a form or lost it, you can get a copy to print here.

Occupancy Tax

What is an "occupancy tax" that you have to pay if you rent your place to someone?

  It's a flat percentage tax on the amount that you charge your renter. There are some exceptions involved having to do with the fees you might add on (pet fee, for instance) and for cases where places are leased for over a year.  Details are in Chapter 167 of the town code.

How does one pay it?

 There is a form on this web site you may fill out and submit; payment amounts and times are shown on the form. Find it here.

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