Town of Dewey Beach and Town Manager Severence Agreement

Date: October 17, 2017




Town of Dewey Beach enters into Severance Agreement with Town Manager

On Saturday, October 14, 2017 the Town of Dewey Beach reached a Severance Agreement with Town Manager Marc Appelbaum.  The agreement was approved unanimously by the Town Council.  The agreement provides that Mr. Appelbaum’s employment will terminate effective this Friday, October 20, and Mr. Appelbaum releases the Town and all employees from any claims.  In exchange, the Town will make a lump sum payment to Mr. Appelbaum of the salary he would have earned through March 11, 2018 (the date his employment contract expires) plus $100,000.

Mayor TJ Redefer explained that “under all of the circumstances, the Town Council unanimously agreed that it made sense to reach an agreement with the Town Manager that ended his employment sooner rather than later.  The agreement provides not only a release for the Town, but also all Town employees.  The Town Council recognizes that Mr. Applebaum’s continued employment would be too much of a distraction going forward. Accordingly, we reached an agreement wherein Mr. Appelbaum resigned from his employment effective this Friday.  With the uncertainty of this matter behind us, Town Council is better able to focus its attention on other challenges.”

A copy of the Severance Agreement can be viewed by clicking HERE.