Monthly Town Commissioner's Meeting

Date: July 10, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM







1) Draft Ordinance re: Face Coverings

    Draft Ordinance 2 re: Face Coverings

3) Bayard Avenue Loan Memo

4) COVID Budget Scenario

   FY2021 Revenue Analysis

   June Actual to Budget

   June Actual to Prior

   June Beach Replenishment

   June Financial Summary 1

   June Financial Summary 2

   TOD Balance Sheet

5) Memo to Commissioners re: Chapter 167 - Taxation Article II

    Annual Beach Tax Billing

6) Draft Conditional Use Ordinance

7) Proposed Election Officials


If you wish to watch the meeting, please click on the following YouTube link: 

YouTube Meeting Link - Please click here to watch the meeting.  


If you would like to make Public Comment, please: login to  with the following

Meeting ID: 810 4479 2890


Once connected to Zoom  you will be placed in "waiting mode" until Public Comment is called for.  You will only be admitted into the Zoom meeting for the time needed to make your comment.  You can then switch back viewing the meeting on YouTube.

Please note: You must disconnect from the YouTube meeting when you join the Zoom meeting, otherwise technical problems will occur.  The YouTube live stream runs about 30 seconds behind the Zoom meeting, so there will be a delay when you join Zoom and/or return to YouTube.  Please be sure to enter your first AND last name for the Zoom meeting, as public commenters need to be identified.