Letter from Scott Figurski, DNREC

Date: December 11, 2012





The following was forwarded to me today (12/11/2012) from Scott Figurski from DNREC.


The 20 day public notice period was scheduled to end today; however, the person typing the information on the internet site made an error…  Due to the error we are going to honor the December 21st date to accept comment.


   There will be a public hearing on the DBE project.  I have requested a date from the hearing officer for late January.  We discussed the hearing in our staff meeting today and I am going to request a date on a Saturday afternoon and we are looking into holding the hearing at the DBE facility.  We would like to hold it during the day at the site so that certain questions, if need be, could be answered visually at the site.  Also, the DBE site can hold a large number of people.  We usually try to hold hearings at a neutral location, but with this project we may not have access to a facility large enough to hold a large number of people in the immediate vicinity and again it may help aid attendees visually to have the hearing at the site.


Best Regards,



When the public meeting is scheduled we will inform the public of the date and time.

Thanks to Commissioner Legates for helping to have this letter forwarded to us.


Marc Appelbaum, Acting Town Manager