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April 8, 2013




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Are you registered to vote in Town elections?   You can find out easily by checking this list  of names and cities of residence or contact.  If you find your name, you are registered.  If your name is not on the list or if your city is incorrect or “unknown,” please help the Town update your voter records.  Download and complete the printable registration information form linked here.    Mail or fax it to Town Hall.  You will be notified if you meet the registration qualifications, if more information is needed, or if you are not an eligible voter. 

You must be registered by July 15 in order to vote in the 2013 Town election on Saturday, September 21.  To review voter-eligibility requirements, click here.  For assistance or more information, contact Beverly Corelle, Board of Elections,



Who is eligible to vote?

Each person who is eighteen years of age or older on the date of the election, who:



Dewey Beach Charter, Section 10.  Manner of Holding Elections

Dewey Beach Code, Chapter 48.  Voter Registration and Voting


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