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  • Feb 27 2015
  • Feb 27 2015
    Please click HERE to view the letter from Town Manager Marc Appelbaum. ... details
  • Feb 25 2015
    Please click HERE for the 2015 Business License application. Please click HERE for the 2015 License Fees Please click HERE for the 2015 Residential Rental License application ... details
  • Feb 25 2015
    Council Invites Input on Potential Land Purchase ... details
  • Feb 20 2015
    Please click HERE to print the Winter Watch form. Once completed, please drop off, fax, or mail to: Dewey Beach Town Hall- 105 Rodney Avenue, Dewey Beach, DE.19971 Fax: (302) 227-8319 ... details
  • Feb 19 2015
    Many frozen pipes have already been discovered. Check your property asap. Dear Friends and Neighbors, Many frozen pipes have already been discovered. Please check your property or have someone who is local check it out. When the weather warms up, ice that may be in your water pipes will cause leaks that could cause major damage. We live here full time and our kitchen sink pipes froze while our heat was set at 70 degrees and we were occup... details
  • Feb 18 2015
    Below is a news article covering our discussion at our Town Meeting on Saturday, February 14, regarding a proposed property purchase for possible expansion of town hall. I believe that the article covers the discussion fairly well and will answer many of the questions we have received from property owners. I have also added a few frequently asked questions with answers before you get to the news article. I hope this clears up many of your questions, but please contin... details
  • Feb 13 2015
    Town Manager Letter Regarding Town Space ... details
  • Jan 26 2015
    Please click HERE for the Annual Progress Report (CRS Program) 2014 ... details
  • Sep 15 2014
    Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, honor a loved one, your family, a friend, your business, or simply share a friendly message with Dewey Beach visitors and residents? The Town of Dewey Beach invites you to participate in the Bench, Sign, and Bike Rack Sponsorship Program. Please click HERE for the form, and more details. ... details
  • Jan 10 2009
    Dewey Beach Zoning Code established by ordinance January 10, 2009. See Dewey Beach Town Code Chapter 185 Zoning ... details

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