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Emergency Numbers

Emergency Contacts

Emergency (Ambulance, Fire, Police) 911
Ambulance - Non Emergency 227-8400
Beebe Hospital 645-3300
Beebe Hospital - Emergency 645-3358
Beebe Medical Center Family Health 227-8115
Dewey Beach Police 227-1110
Fire Department - Non Emergency 227-8400
Poison Information Center 800-722-7112
State Police - Non Emergency 855-2980
State Police - Troop 7 644-5020

There is a nearby walk-in clinic in the area. 

  • A seasonal clinic is located in a building on the west side of route one just south of the bridge over the canal about a mile and a quarter north of Dewey Beach. It is open 9-5 Monday to Saturday and 9-1 on Sundays during the summer season only.The phone number during the 2010 summer season was (302)-227-2774.

Review how to be prepared for emergencies.

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