Dewey is Dog-Friendly

One of the very few towns on the eastern seaboard to permit dogs to enjoy the sandy beach, Dewey has only a few restrictions on dog owners. The times the beach may be used by dogs is limited during the summer season (not permitted on the beach from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m), they must be under control, and of course the owners must clean up after them. Details can be found under "Beach Regulations." The Summer Season is the period beginning May 15 and ending September 15.

Because it accommodates dogs, Dewey beach is host to a number of dog-oriented gatherings, among them "Greyhounds Reach the Beach" which has been held in the fall for the past few years and is scheduled to be held again this coming fall. See their web site for details. There is also a greyhound event scheduled for this spring; see this web site for details.

Dogs must, however, be licensed. Licenses are available to be purchased at the Town Hall and at the iDewey Visitor Center on New Orleans St. (bayside - near Rita's). They cannot be purchased by mail. The town hall is open 9-5 Monday thru Friday.  The iDewey Visitor Center has extended hours.  Please contact them directly at 227-6779 for hours.  iDewey is a private business and not a part of the Town of Dewey Beach municipal government.  They will charge an additional fee for their service.

Dogs must be licensed with the Town (may be obtained at Town Hall or at iDewey Visitor Center).  The following license options are available:

  • Lifetime license good for the life of the dog:  $35
  • 8-day license:  $10
  • Weekend license (Friday 5:30 pm thru Sunday midnight):  $5

Dogs are not allowed on the beach between the hours of  9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. during the Summer Season (May 15-September 15). Owners/handlers must clean up and dispose of the pet’s feces in a sealed container.  Doggy bags are available at each street end at the entrance to the beach (blue boxes).

You will need to tell us the date of the last rabies inoculation.

Note that the requirement for a Dewey Beach dog license is independent of any other license the dog has..

If you should need a veterinarian, there is one about a mile north of our town hall; call (302) 227 2009.