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General information

Dewey Beach values its visitors; we know they come to town to have a good time and enjoy the many things we have to offer them. We also appreciate our responsibility to not only provide the services they may enjoy but also maintain the peace and protect their rights.  Accordingly, we ask that our visitors be aware of the laws and regulations we feel are necessary to achieve those ends.


Aside from the usual standards associated with maintaining the peace, we have ordinances regarding parking, which is in critically short supply during the summer months, use of our beach, and control of the pets - specifically dogs - which as a community we are unique in  welcoming to our town. We also have a jaywalking law which is enforced, so please use the crosswalks when crossing a street.

Our beach was one of four beaches nation-wide to be awarded SUPERSTAR BEACH STATUS
by the Natural Resurces Defense Council as announced in their press release of June 29, 2011.

While there are some open spaces for
PARKING, during the busy season many spaces require a permit or are metered, and significant fines are levied where violations occur. During this season we employ extra police to help with enforcing both parking and disturbances. 

As an alternative to using a car to get around you might consider using the "Jolley Trolley." It circles between various stops in Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach on a fairly frequent basis. For details on the route, schedule and fares see the Jolly Trolley web site.

 Another alternative would be to make use of the DART - Delaware Transit Corporation - facilities. Using this system, you could park at a park-and-ride lot just west of Rehoboth Beach and travel by bus to any of several locations including Dewey Beach. For details, see "Park and Ride."

To protect the rights of others, we have BEACH REGULATION regarding sports (such as volleyball), bonfires, consumption of alcohol (prohibited in any form on the beach during the summer season), surf fishing, use of vehicles, having dogs on the beach, and a curfew. We feel proud of our beach patrol and encourage visitors to take advantage of their special skills in protecting them from the occasional dangers associated with any ocean shore.

BONFIRES on the beach are permitted throughout the year, but are subject to permits and special rules.

We have many activities throughout the year; details on many of these are posted by the Chamber of Commerce on their web site. These activities include beach movies and bonfires, junior lifeguard training, skimboard training and many others.

Dewey Beach welcomes both service and pet DOGS provided that their presence does not interfere with other visitors. We require a pet dog be licensed, under control at all times, and restricted from the beach during certain hours during the busy season of the year. Click on RULES AND REGULATIONS  for details.  It is important that dogs be watched carefully so that any droppings are promptly removed; plastic bags for that purpose are available at each beach entrance. Remember that others walk, sit, lie down and play on the sand your dog visits. There is a veterinary hospital just one mile north of the town hall on Route 1, see the map linked below. It is not, however, staffed for emergencies.

In May of 2009 respected travel writer Daina Savage published a review of her visit to Dewey Beach, you can see it here.

TOWN HALL HOURS: Our town hall is open from 9-5 each day to provide you with whatever assistance we can offer to make your visit a pleasant one. During the periods when the administrative offices are closed some services are available from the police dispatcher. 

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