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Parking FAQ

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Parking Fees
Is there free parking in Dewey Beach?

From September 16th - May 14th parking is free in Dewey Beach. 

From May 15th - September 15th, you must pay to park in Dewey Beach. However, free parking during the summer season is available every Monday from 5:00pm - 11:00pm!

How much does it cost to park in town?

For your convenience, we offer many parking options:

  • If you spend quite a bit of your summer visiting Dewey Beach, it is most cost effective to purchase a seasonal permit. Pricing is as follows:
    • Seasonal Parking Permit $300.00
      • Property Owners may purchase up to 2 seasonal passes at a discounted rate of $175.00 each.
      • Business Owners with a Dewey Beach location may purchase up to 2 season passes at a discounted rate of $175.00 each.
      • Business Owners who are licensed in the town may purchase up to 2 season passes at a discounted rate of $225.00 each.
      • Employees of Dewey Beach Businesses may purchase 1 season pass at a discounted rate of $225.00 (must present pay stub or employment letter).
  • If you plan to be in Dewey Beach for a day or more, we recommend purchasing a temporary parking permit. Pricing is as follows:
    • 24 hours: $30.00 (Also available via Park Mobile app)
    • Weekend (10:00am Friday - 10:00am Monday): $55.00
    • Weekly (8 Consecutive Days): $100.00
    • Metered Parking by the Hour - $3.50
How do I pay for parking?
  • For Seasonal Parking Permits, you may visit the Town Hall building during normal business hours. You can also purchase a virtual parking permit by clicking here.
  • For Daily (24 Hour), Weekly or Weekend Parking Permits, you may use the automated kiosk at the entrance of the Town Hall parking lot. The kiosk is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For Daily 24 Hour passes, you may also use your Park Mobile App.
  • For Hourly Parking, you may pay at a coin meter, use a kiosk meter and pay by credit card (available on select streets), or, use your Park Mobile App.

If you have any difficulty or questions about paying for parking, please ask a Parking Ambassador for assistance, stop by the Parking Enforcement office, or call the office at (302)227-6170.

Parking Zones
Where can I park with a parking permit?

If you purchased a seasonal, weekly, weekend, or daily permit, you may park in any available space except in front of a coin meter.

Where can I park by the hour?

Hourly parking is available throughout town! You may pay by the hour through Park Mobile at any space, or pay at a coin meter.

Where is handicapped parking?

There are handicapped parking spaces at the end of the ocean block by each beach entrance. We understand that handicapped parking is limited in town, therefore, those with a handicapped placard or plate may also park in permit or metered parking at no charge. Your placard or plate will serve as your parking pass.

Visitor Information
Our rental location can not accommodate all of our vehicles in the driveway. What should I do?

Your best option is to obtain a parking permit for the vehicle(s) that must park on the street. Weekend and weekly parking permits are available, and are the most cost-effective option for parking long term. Visit the kiosk outside of the Town Hall building to purchase a parking permit. You may leave your vehicle parked in the same space during your stay in town if you wish.

Where can I park my trailer or RV?

Please call Parking Enforcement, or ask a Parking Enforcement Officer for help in locating an area that would best accommodate larger vehicles.

What do I do if I can't find parking?

You may not be able to find parking directly outside of your desired location at peak times. The center of town (St. Louis Street to McKinley Avenue) can be the most congested, since this area houses many restaurants, hotels and shops. If you can not find parking in your desired location, we encourage you to look in the northern or southern areas of town. 

Remember that the beach is accessible from all streets in town. Dewey Beach is also highly walkable, only two blocks wide and one mile long. 

Where can I find parking regulations?

Please review the Town Code for full parking regulations. Be sure to read all posted parking signage! Common violations include:

  • Backing into a perpendicular parking space. Be sure to park "head-in" in these spaces.
  • Parking on the roadway. Be sure that all four tires are off the roadway. 
  • Blocking a driveway. Look for signage and yellow lines painted on the roadway to mark driveway entrances.
  • Parking in the wrong direction. When parking parallel, be sure to park in the direction of traffic.

When in doubt, ask for help! Our Parking Ambassadors are here to educate, then enforce. If you are unsure about parking areas, ask for assistance.