Building & Zoning Department


The Building Official is responsible for the enforcement of the Dewey Beach Municipal Code. The Building Official will issue permits for all construction and work being performed in town. In addition to permitting, this department will perform the review and approval of plans, and attempt to resolve complaints filed by residents that pertain to code compliance.


If you have questions regarding permits, the permitting process, or permit fees, please visit the Building & Zoning FAQ. To ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible, please review the FAQ section to be sure you are submitting all necessary documents. The Building Department has a heavy workload. We encourage you to read the FAQ thoroughly, and submit all necessary documents as soon as possible! All applications, emails, and phone calls to the department are handled in the order in which they're received. Multiple calls and emails to the department will not yield a quicker response. We are working diligently to handle all requests as quickly as possible.


All construction, including but not limited to remodeling, repairs, demolition, additions to any building, structure, or parcel requires a permit. Interior and exterior projects require permits. 

§71-3: Any person who may desire to erect, alter, repair, move, raze, or add to any building or other structure, including fences, bulkheads and retaining walls, within the Town, shall first apply to the Town for a building permit.

§101-12: It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to begin construction or other development which is wholly within, partially within, or in contact with any identified special flood hazard area, as established in §101-4.

§71-7: "Construction activities" are defined as any activity whatsoever relating to construction, including, but not limited to: site preparation, grading and excavation; construction of foundation; construction, fabrication, and placement of any structure upon or within the premises; painting, drywalling, roofing and application of any materials whatsoever to the structure being constructed or placed upon the premises, including installation of plumbing, electrical fixtures and wiring, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment; and any activity whatsoever related to construction, installation, site preparation, landscaping, paving or improvement of the premises.


All contractors, subcontractors, landscapers, cleaning agencies, and handymen need to have a current Dewey Beach Business License.

§117-1: No person shall operate, maintain, or otherwise be engaged in any business designated in the license fee schedule herein within the municipal boundary without first obtaining a license from the Town.

December 14, 2022 - Click here for an important update to Sussex County Building Code