General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: (302)227-6366
Emergencies: Dial 911
105 Rodney Avenue
Dewey Beach,

Tuesday - Thursday
10:00am - 4:00pm

Alderman Court


The Alderman Court shall have jurisdiction and cognizance of all breaches of the peace and other offenses committed within the corporate limits of the Town of Dewey Beach so far as to arrest and hold for bail, fine and/or imprison offenders for offenses under its Municipal Code, certain Title 11 misdemeanor offenses, and Title 21 traffic violations; to uphold and enforce the Charter of the Town of Dewey Beach and ordinances duly enacted by the Commissioners of Dewey Beach and to carry into effect all orders of the Commissioners of Dewey Beach made pursuant to any law of this state. The Alderman and Assistant Alderman are judges nominated by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate and are under the jurisdiction of the Chief Justice of the State of Delaware. The Alderman and the Assistant Alderman may, in addition to any fine or term of imprisonment permitted to be assessed or imposed, impose and collect court costs as prescribed in the Dewey Beach Municipal Code.


If you have any type of proceeding before the Court, please be mindful of appropriate attire. If you are under 18 years of age, you must appear either in person or by video before the Court AND must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


To request an arraignment (your first court appearance) by Zoom, print the Zoom Hearing Request Form, complete it, and return to the Alderman Court 36 ten days prior to your scheduled court appearance.


To request a certified disposition of your case you must print the Application for Access Form, complete it, and return it to the Alderman Court 36. There is a processing fee of $7.50 for each case. Please send check/money order made payable to Alderman Court 36, or provide your credit card information. Make sure to include your phone number in the event the court requires further information.


Individuals who wish to appeal a citation must do so within seven (7) business days of the date of issuance, or the right to appeal is forfeited. Appeals may be submitted online by visiting and completing an online appeal form. No parking appeals will be heard in person before the Judge at Alderman Court 36 until further notice. All parking tickets, their fines and related inquiries are handled by the Parking & Code Enforcement Department, located at 1505 Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach, DE 19971, phone (302)227-6170.