Board of Elections


The Board of Elections is a bipartisan board appointed by the Town Council and charged with control of elections and voting procedure.



  • Elaine Bole, July 2025
  • Kay Sullivan, July 2025
  • Marlene Tarr, July 2025


  • Rick Baierlein, July 2025
  • Phil Winkler, July 2025
  • Paige Martin, July 2025
  • Robert Day, July 2025
  • Stephen Eckermann, July 2025
  • Susan Trencher, July 2025


To be eligible to vote in Town of Dewey Beach elections, a person must register, be eighteen years or older on the date of the election, and be:

  • A bona fide resident and domiciliary of the Town of Dewey Beach who supplies two official proofs of residency, such as a current and valid photo ID indicating a Dewey Beach address, a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document indicating the applicant’s Dewey Beach address and name, or
  • An owner of real property within the Town and whose name has been identified as such in the Sussex County Tax rolls prior to July 16, 2013 or who provides a copy of the recorded deed for the property or other evidence from Sussex County property records to prove the applicant’s property ownership, or
  • A holder of a valid lease for a term of five years or more on property within the Town, provided that the lease is recorded with the Sussex County Recorder of Deeds.  A copy of the portions of the lease that identify the applicant and the other parties to the lease and the effective and termination dates of the lease must be submitted for filing at Town Hall, or
  • Both a settlor/creator and trustee of a valid trust that is the owner of real property located within the Town.  A copy of the portions of the trust document that identity the settler/creator(s) of the trust and the trust’s ownership of the real property, as recorded with the Sussex County Recorder of Deeds, must be submitted for filing at Town Hall.

Chapter 48 of Dewey Beach Town Code establishes the authority to deny registration “to any person to whom a transfer of property is made or to whom a lease is executed for the sole and limited purpose of qualifying the person to vote.”

For more information, contact Dewey Beach Town Hall at 302-227-6363.

Board of Elections Meeting & Event Calendar